Highest Purity Chlorine Dioxide (CDS) Electrolytic Generator

The most natural and exclusive method of generating chlorine dioxide (CDS) with a purity of 99.9999%.

100% Tested Efficacy

3000 ppm

Our electrolytic generator produces ClO2 with a final concentration of 3000 ppm.

99.99% purity

Thanks to its electrolytic origin, our generator produces ultra pure CDS in the most natural way.

Compact design

First electrolytic generator with an integrated and portable air pump

A Completely New Way of Production

With our electrolytic generator we act on the sodium chlorite solution by means of a perfectly adjusted electric current, thus producing a pure and direct decomposition of the chlorine dioxide.


Producing CDS with our electrolytic generator

Find out why this is the safest, most natural and efficient method of generating CDS today.

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Advantages and unique features

Natural and purer

We chose electrolytic generation because it is the most natural and safest method of producing chlorine dioxide (CDS) with the highest purity.

A production that exceeds expectations

By refilling our electrolytic generator only once and in less than an hour, 1 litre of solution at 3000 ppm is produced.

Pure titanium coatings

With titanium composite electrode coatings to ensure that the solution produced is totally pure.

Much more efficient

A natural process using only osmosis water and sodium chlorite that generates 99.99% pure CDS in a matter of seconds.

Compact and portable design

An unbeatable design that integrates an air pump to facilitate production and save on additional devices.

Longest service life on the market

A sophisticated electronic control system allows our generator to operate continuously and reliably at high performance levels.

*Chlorine dioxide is a cleaner and purifier that provides a multitude of benefits and is frequently used in the treatment of drinking water for human consumption.

Why choose us?

With great power comes great productivity

German manufacture

Our CDS electrolytic generator is 100% designed in Germany, guaranteeing its manufacture under the highest European quality standards.


Our electrolytic chlorine dioxide (CDS) generator complies with the CE marking regulations of Regulation (EU) No. 910/2014 of the European Parliament and of the Council.

Worldwide shipping

Accessible to all. Enjoy our electrolytic generator anywhere in the world.

Electrolytic CDS generator.
A new form of production.


Frequently asked questions

Still thinking about it? Check out the frequently asked questions that our customers ask us and get out of doubts.

The concentration of the sodium chlorite solution should be around 10%. This ratio is the optimum ratio to achieve a solution of 3000 ppm at 99.99% purity in less than 1 hour.

Sodium chlorite powder is usually 80% pure. If this is the case, add 15g of sodium chlorite (you can use our measuring scoop, included in our product, which perfectly adjusts the 15g needed) to 100ml of osmosis water to reach a concentration of 10%.

Add the 15g of sodium chlorite powder, little by little, to the 10ml of osmosis water and stir for 3 to 5 minutes, until the solution is completely transparent. This will result in a 10% solution.

For correct use and optimal results we will use the funnel to add 100ml (use our beaker) of osmosis water to the water injection compartment.

Then add the entire 10% sodium chlorite solution (110ml) into the injection compartment of the solution.

After filling both compartments, seal with the caps.

During the process, the colour of the liquid in the solution compartment will change to 3 states: Colourless transparent - Dark Brown - Light Yellow. On the other hand, the colour of the liquid in the absorption bottle will take on a golden amber colour.

When the colour of the liquid turns from dark brown to light yellow, it means that the active ingredients of the sodium chlorite solution have been completely consumed. This indicates the end of the process and the electrolytic generator can now be switched off.

Clean the inside of the compartments with clean water several times.

Fill both compartments with 20-50ml of osmosis water to keep them moist and seal with the caps.

Use the shorter tube to connect the air inlet nozzle to the gas outlet nozzle to seal it.

Our electrolytic generator includes:

  • 1 x Funnel
  • 3 x Tubes
  • 1 x Power adapter
  • 2 x spare plugs
  • 1 x Beaker
  • 1 x Measuring cup

Connect the air outlet of the air pump to the air inlet nozzle with the medium length tube.

With the longer length of tubing, connect the nozzle of the end product gas outlet to the absorption bottle. The tube should be inserted into the bottom of the absorption bottle.

Use the funnel to add 110 ml of osmosis water and add the solution to the solution injection compartment. After filling both compartments, seal with the caps.

Plug in the power supply to start working. Pay attention to the absorption bottle: there should be continuous air bubbles.

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Chlorine Dioxide Generator CDS

Explore excellence with our advanced chlorine dioxide generator, a leader in the disinfection and purification industry. Our innovative generator uses electrolysis to produce chlorine dioxide efficiently and safely, standing out as a reliable and effective solution.

Chlorine dioxide, known for its disinfecting power, is a versatile and powerful alternative for multiple applications. Our chlorine dioxide generator by electrolysis, thanks to its state-of-the-art technology, guarantees a CDS production process that meets the highest quality standards.

Homemade Chlorine Dioxide Generator

We explore safe and effective options, providing detailed information on the design and responsible use of a home chlorine dioxide generator. We offer guidance for those seeking personalised and professional solutions.

Also known as clo2 generator, our device stands out for its efficiency in the generation of chlorine dioxide, providing optimal results in various applications. Rely on the reliability of our chlorine dioxide generator to meet your disinfection and purification needs.

In short, if you are looking for a quality, efficient and versatile chlorine dioxide generator, our industry-leading technology is the answer. Discover innovation and reliability with our generator, designed to meet the highest standards in chlorine dioxide generation.

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