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Electrolytic Chlorine Dioxide Generator 99.9999% Maximum Purity CDS.

780,99860,94 IVA excl.
*Note: This is a reconditioned product: Fully overhauled and repaired for use with no defects whatsoever. 🧬 UNIQUE CHLORINE DIOXIDE (CDS) ELECTROLYTIC GENERATOR. It produces CDS chlorine dioxide of electrolytic origin with a concentration of 3000 ppm, ensuring an exceptional purity of 99.9999%. The only one on the market with CE certification, being totally legal, safe and fully integrated. 📊 HIGH LEVEL OF PRODUCTION. The LG Health iSystems CDS Generator is capable of producing one litre of the highest purity CDS at 3000 ppm in just 60 minutes, making it the most efficient on the market. If desired, it can reach concentrations of 4000 and 5000 ppm following specific protocols, this generator is adaptable to various applications, thus standing out for its versatility. 🌍 LATEST WORLD-FIRST TECHNOLOGY. Meticulously designed under strict quality controls, this generator guarantees exceptional performance. Manufactured with the most advanced technology on the market, this Chlorine Dioxide Generator incorporates cutting-edge innovations to deliver superior results. It is unique in the market, standing out for its unrivalled sophistication and efficiency. ✅ PROFESSIONAL USE AND GERMAN CONFIDENCE. Its professional use is perfect for industrial, medical or water purification applications. It ensures the highest German production standards. We have a 3-year European warranty backed by our commitment to excellence. It is CE certified, approved by the European Economic Area (EEA). 🎁 FREE CHLORITE POWDER 300 G AND BOTTLE WITH PERFORATED CAP*. We give away a free jar of Sodium Chlorite Powder 300 g of the brand O7-Organic and a 1 litre amber glass bottle with a perforated cap according to the exact size of the tube that is connected to the generator, recommended to avoid any gas leakage and to obtain a CDS of the highest purity and quality. Accessories included: funnel, long tube, intermediate tube, food grade petroleum jelly, EU-US plug adapter, spare stoppers, beaker and 15 ml measuring cup. *Promotion valid only for European residents due to customs restrictions on Sodium Chlorite powder. For customers outside the European Union, you will receive the glass bottle with perforated cap together with the Electrolytic Generator.
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